The New Moon & Slowing Down as Revolutionary Act

The New Moon & Slowing Down as Revolutionary Act
This weekend, even as the city was a buzz with events and celebrations,  a small group of us gathered at Gallery 555 to honour the New Moon phase through yoga,  meditation and writing.
One of the reason’s I love working with the moon phases is that it is a way to stay connected to the ebb and flow of nature and her phases, from within the oftentimes hectic urban pace and demanding schedule that doesn’t allow for us to have “downtime” or “regenerative” time without subtle self criticism of being “lazy,  unproductive” etc.
Even slowing down a little bit and becoming aware of our attitudes towards rest and regeneration becomes a revolutionary and deeply feminist act, as these are the “feminine or yin” qualities of the earth, that encourage “being” , nurturing,  loving, compassion, empathy, gestation, dreaming and intuition.  Being rested, compassionate,  empathetic,  intuitive and aware of our emotional landscape allows us to act, plan and implement far more effectively than if we are exhausted, harried and forcing things through at the wrong time.
These qualities are deeply needed in our society at this time.  One of the reason’s I do this work is because I believe that change has to come from within and that it is up to each one of us to cultivate these ways of being to bring to society.
 Waxing Moon Phase 
Today the moon is at a 1% waxing crescent.  We are still feeling the effects of the New moon, but we are moving into the Waxing phase in which our energy levels begin to rise and the earth and moon phase support the implementing of new actions and ideas. This is a good time to begin something new as the Waxing Moon phase supports the beginning of new projects and plans.
Solar Eclipse in Pisces
This New moon aligned with a Solar Eclipse in Pisces early yesterday morning.
The eclipse amplified our ability to wrap up loose ends in our life, and makes it easier for us to let go of old behaviour patterns  or beliefs that no longer support or show a sense of self respect/ self love.  We are still feeling the effects of this influence and to help support this process here are some further considerations on how to work with ending old patterns and establishing new ones.
Further Considerations/ Writing exercises
As we move into the next Lunar Phase under the influence of Pisces, here are some further areas of consideration.  Remember these exercises are meant to be approached with deep respect and compassion for self.  They are a way to gain clarity and insight,  not to be used an excuse  to criticize yourself or uncover your “imperfections” .  Once we have insight and understanding about a behaviour pattern we can begin to unravel and transform it from a place of love.
1.  What activities, behaviours, people, in my life are the biggest drain on my energy?
2.  What activities,  people, behaviours help me feel energized?
3.  Pisces is a deeply creative sign.  Pisces needs to express dreams, and creativity through action,  through writing, drawing,  painting, dance etc.  not as an escape from reality,  but as an expression of realit.  At this time it can be helpful consider what are my biggest escapism strategies?
4.  What behaviours, activities, situations am I engaged with that don’t feel respectful to myself.
If you would like to learn about working with the Moon Phases,  here are the dates of our upcoming Moon Yoga and Writing Workshops.   Space is limited to 8 participants.
The classes are offered on a sliding scale of $15 – 30
 To reserve your spot email
Our Next Full Moon Gathering is the Sap Moon 
Saturday March 11th, 6:30 – 8:30pm.
This is the full moon that will usher in the balanced energies of the Spring Equinox and the return of life to the surface of the earth.
Our Next New Moon Gathering is on Tuesday March 28th 7:30 – 9:30pm
This is the first New moon of Spring!
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