Living Maps yoga classes bring together practices from Hatha, Chakra and Yin Yoga with Traditional Chinese Medicine and the philosophy of Loving Kindness Meditation.   Living Maps Yoga classes and workshops are Alchemical in approach.  An alchemical approach to Yoga invites us to transform our relationship with difficult sensations by bringing curiosity and loving kindness to the practice of yoga postures.   Rather than trying to achieve the perfect posture, these classes are more about developing self awareness.  Through a mapping process of our body’s, emotional landscape , mental patterns and inquiry into the subtle and energy body, we discover ways to move through areas of tension and tightness with self awareness, improved intuition, and confidence in our ability to self- heal.


Our 8 week sessions are oriented around the 5 elements wheel, drawing from seasonal wisdom and the lunar cycle to connect our practice to earth based wisdom. Classes explore the subtle body and energetic maps of the Chakras, Meridians and Acupressure Points while moving through a new sequence of poses each season that maximize health and wellness.


Join Living Maps twice a month to honour the moon.  We meet on the new moon and the full moon, to practice the Moon Salutations, a series of postures that teach us to move in alignment with the moon phases. Each gathering includes guided contemplative writing exercises, meditation and Yin or Restorative Yoga.  Working with the moon phases is a great way to magnify intentions and understand the significance of events as they unfold in our lives while deepening self awareness,  intuitive abilities and a connection to the natural ebb and flow of life while in community.


Join Living Maps each season as we explore themes related to the turning of the 5 elements wheel through a  combination of  Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Contemplative practices.


Custom design a practice for your specific constitution. Whether you are looking for a quick 20 minute morning routine to energize for the day or an evening routine to release stress and prepare for sleep.