Acupuncture is a branch of a medical system called Traditional Chinese Medicine. Based in the rhythms and cycles of nature, Acupuncture restores balance and stimulates our body’s innate ability to self-heal. A licensed practitioner with the CTCMPAO, Julie uses a combination of skill, intuition and creativity to custom design treatments that consider the whole person and foster a relaxing, healing experience for each client.

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Julie’s yoga classes are for open to all levels. With over 15 year teaching experience, her classes combine the physical postures of Hatha Yoga which are known to increase strength, flexibility, balance and overall health with Mindfulness Meditation, Energetic Maps of the Chakras and Acupressure Points and Seasonal Practices for increased health, balance and creative flow.

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A combination of massage techniques including Tu-ina, Acupressure and Intuitive Body-Work for a therapeutic and relaxing treatment guided by over 15 years experience practicing yoga and meditation.

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Reiki is a method of energy healing in which the practitioner places their hands lightly in various positions over the body to reorganize and rebalance the Chakra system. The client may see different colours, experience sensations of heat, tingling, shifting, relaxation, release or even a temporary upsurge of memories or emotions. Julie’s training, compassion and intuitive abilities deepen the experience of healing and provide a supportive and nurturing experience of healing.

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