Fire Element Yoga Session

Fire Element Yoga Session
 Join us this summer for an 8 week exploration of the Fire element through yoga, meditation, Taoist philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  As we move towards the summer solstice,  and the longest,  brightest days of the year we move into the season of sun, flowers, birds, bees, butterflies,  connection,  passion and love:  in other words the Fire Element,  the most Yang time of year and the most ephemeral!  The Fire element is connected to our heart and our consciousness, and the major themes  revolve around joy, connection,  intimacy,  relationship, love, openness and expression,  but also about personal identity, boundaries, and how to live a life that is radiant, inspired and joyful with a steadiness of energy.  The fire element rises and is hot and so in our summer practices we explore ways to stay in balance so that the flames of  excitability and the energy flare of the summer season doesn’t overstimulate our internal Fire Element  which can result in burn out, anxiety,  insomnia, addiction and overstimulation.
Option #1 MONDAYS 7:30 – 8:45pm
 May 29th – July 17th
Option #2 TUESDAYS  6:30 – 7:45pm
May 23rd – July 11th

Registration for the 8 week session includes 8 classes of guided yin and hatha yoga postures, an exploration of the Chakra system,  the practice of Metta: Buddhist loving kindness meditation, Taoist philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian, Organ and 5 elements theory.  Each week you will receive an email with updates, theoretical and practical information and the occasional homework assignment to help you further integrate the themes of the session.

The 8 week session is offered on a sliding scale of :  $100 – $160

In the Taoist tradition it is believed that the human spark of awareness and consciousness arise from an embodiment of Starlight.   It is believed that when parents unite at the moment of conception,  their yang and yin essences combine and the “star seeds” of our Shen (our Heart spirit) are scooped up in the ladle of the Big Dipper and poured down into the heart of the developing embryo. The heart is the alchemical vessel into which the  light of the stars mixes with the essences of earth to form the basis of what is our own unique sense of self; our awareness and consciousness.

The Fire Element session invites us into an exploration of our connection to the divine,  the spark and mystery of our existence, our sense of identity.  Working with the Shen is at the very heart of what is guiding our intention and vision for our life and is an important piece of understanding the map of the 5 elements wheel.
Space is limited to 8 participants per session.
to reserve your spot, please  email
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