Alchemical Yoga: Earth Element

Alchemical Yoga:  Earth Element

This September, Join Acupuncturist,  Alchemist and Yoga teacher Julie Gladstone for a 6 week session exploring the Earth Element, the season of Harvest and abundance!    In this course we will apply the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 elements and Meridian system in combination with Yoga and the Chakra system to discover how the earth element shows up in our lives on the physical, emotional and spirit level as well as its manifestation in the seasonal and creative cycle.


September 18th – October 23rd

MONDAYS 6:30 – 8:00

Through the practices of yoga and mindfulness we will explore the Manipura Chakra from the Yogic tradition and it’s intersection with the Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian system, in particular the Spleen and Stomach Meridians, Acupuncture points and the Earth element spirit aspect called the YI.   We will learn ways to tune up our digestive system, explore our relationship to worry and gratitude,  our ability to give and receive nourishment, support and sympathy and the relationship between devotion and ability to manifest abundance on the physical plane.

Each class will consist of a lesson on a different aspect of the Earth Element,
guided meditation focusing on gratitude,  a yoga practice emphasizing the Spleen and Stomach Meridians, targeting digestive health, muscle strength and flexibility,  regulating energy levels, tuning up our focus and clarity. and fostering ease and connection to Mother Earth energy.
This session we will
  • explore the transformation of worry into devotion and gratitude
  • explore the role of the Spleen and Stomach in digestion, energy and mental functioning.
  • explore our relationship with food, nurturing and the ability to give and receiving sympathy and compassion.
  • an introduction to the YI Spirit who governs intention, manifestation, integrity and devotion.

To register,  please email


sliding scale:  $120 – $180 (+HST ) for the entire 6 week session.  *

*payment due before or on the first class.

cash,  etransfer, paypal,  credit card, or cheque made out to Gallery 555


Late Summer and early Fall is connected to the Earth Element a time of harvest and abundance in nature according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Earth element shows up in our body through the energy of the Spleen and Stomach Meridians, our digestive systems, our ability to give and receive nourishment and care from ourselves and others.   The spirit level of the Earth element is called the Yi and is connected to our sense of intellect, our devotion to our life’s work, and our ability to manifest abundance in our lives.   The Yi is likened to a humble gardener who stays connected to the divine inspiration of its souls purpose and is able to channel it into the daily tasks of tending to the garden,  singing while he works as as to manifest bountifulness and abundance in the physical plane.

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